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A beautifully packaged bar of luxurious Evening Star soap; all natural, vegan and hand-crafted in small batches using the cold-process technique.

Gentle and indulgent, Evening Star soap has a rich and creamy lather, brimming with luscious oils including macadamia nut oil and pine nut oil. The scent of basil and star anise is fresh and seductive, just what you need after your day out on safari. A Pernod martini is recommended after use.

Ingredients: saponified olive oil, coconut oil, water, macadamia nut oil, pine nut oil, rice bran oil, essential oils (star anise, basil), mineral colours.

Weight per bar: 110g (approx.)
Soap dimensions: 87mm x 53mm x 25mm (approx.)
Box dimensions: 93 x 60 x 30mm

1 to 3 bars: $7.00 flat rate
4 or more bars: $11.00 flat rate

Please note that each bar is hand-crafted and there will be slight variation in colour and size. The colour and pattern of the packaging may vary.

Please see the info page for further information and policies.

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